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We host some of the biggest names
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Arieh Smith
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Johnny FD
Author, Podcaster
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Conor Clyne
Tsar Experience
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Hyunwoo Sun
Talk to Me in Korean
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Lucy Bella Earl
English with Lucy
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Drew Binsky
Travel Vlogger – 2.5M subs
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Nathaniel Drew
Author, YouTuber
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Johan Tekfak
Français Authentique
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Philip and Isabel
Amigos Ingleses
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Hi, we are Jan and Olly…

Creator Smarts is all about helping you turn your successful brand into a strong, future-proof business so you can reclaim your time, build wealth and grow your impact in the world.
Jan van der Aa

Jan van der Aa

Co Founder

Olly Richards

Olly Richards

Co Founder

Over the years we’ve built 7-figure personal brands for ourselves and help some of the biggest names in the online education space build their own businesses, off YouTube. We only work with a very small group of people and most of our mastermind events are invitation only. Our podcast is FREE and available for everyone! Want to learn more? Have a look at our podcast, it’s the best way to get to know each other!


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#103 When is the RIGHT time to hire for my business?

Congratulations! You’ve grown a six-figure business. But, to keep growing, you know you’ll need to hire staff. Perhaps that’s a scary thought? The hiring process isn’t easy — and it can be tricky to manage other people and get everyone on board with your way of...

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If you’re an online educator with at least 500K subscribers or followers, we can help you grow a multiple 6-figure, and in some cases a 7-figure business, that will provide you wealth and stability in the years to come.

The best thing is that all this is possible without having to rely on YouTube algorithms, AdSense, or sponsors.